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Mortal Name: Taryn O'Neill

Taryn is an actor, writer and producer originally from Vancouver, Canada. A competitive figure skater for 10 years, Taryn studied Theatre, Film and Economics at Duke University. She has appeared on the TV shows ‘Navy N.C.I.S.’, ‘The Inside’ and ‘Lie to Me’, acted in numerous feature films and has worked with The Coen Brothers, Januz Kaminski, Barry Levinson and Michael Bay on various commercial campaigns. She has produced and starred in multiple Streamy Award nominated scifi webseries ‘After Judgment’ receiving both Best Actress and Best Dramatic Webseries nominations, and the scifi comedy ‘Hurtling Through Space at an Alarming Rate!.' She can be seen in the critically acclaimed webseries ‘Compulsions’ for which she won Best Supporting Actress at the Online Indie Soap Awards and is one of the leads of the upcoming scifi series ‘Continuum’. She has numerous web and tv projects in development as a writer/producer and spends her free time training in martial arts. Taryn muses about her passion for ‘storytelling in a digital world’ and her pursuit of becoming the perfect badass on her blog at