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Mortal Name: Aliza Pearl

Aliza Pearl is an actress and singer-songwriter of African American and Puerto Rican descent via Newark, NJ. Having studied and performed drama and musical theater at Princeton University, Aliza toured nationally with Broadway Jr. and was a cast member of the world premiere of Zora Neale Hurston's blues musical "Polk County." Aliza has appeared in many independent shorts and feature films, including "Something is Killing Tate," which garnered multiple festival awards. Other projects include "Jump The Broom: The Musical" starring Renee Goldsberry, Lamman Rucker, and Brandon DeShazer; "The Child Within," which follows women trapped in the sex slave industry; and "Letters from the Underground," in which Aliza plays Faye, Jimi Hendrix's tough as nails girlfriend. Aliza has appeared in many web series, including: "The Request," "The Truest Rose," "One Trick Ponies," and "The Further Adventures of Cupid and Eros." Aliza speaks Spanish and Mandarin Chinese, studies Tae Kwon Do, and plays piano and guitar. Her music can be heard in the soundtrack for "Something is Killing Tate" and "The Truest Rose."